Codeine Addiction Symptoms

Codeine is a narcotic medication known to contain strong painkilling properties. Apart from painkilling, it is also used in suppressing coughs. It treats pain by altering the functioning of the central nervous system as far as the perception of pain is concerned. However, it is also known to depress the respiratory system of individual, dull senses as well as alter behavior and moods.

Like other opiates, codeine is known to be highly addictive. Taking the drug as recommended is not only safer for the individual but would also minimize the chances of addiction. Addiction means that an individual’s body would start craving the drug with continued use. This is especially due to the development of physical dependency. Note that physical dependency does not necessarily mean that the individual is addicted. However, it could lead to addiction as the individual may be forced to take the drug even when he or she does not need it.

Continued use would not only result in physical dependency but also buildup of chemical tolerance in the body. This implies that the individual will find the drug becoming increasingly ineffective in relieving the pain and therefore be forced to increase the dosage. The individual would start increasing the amount they are taking or start increasing the frequency of which they were taking the drug.

Codeine Addiction Symptoms

Codeine addiction symptoms are varied in severity depending on the amounts that the individual takes as well as the length of time that they have been taking the drug. As you will acknowledge, combining codeine with other drugs or alcohol may not only aggravate the effects or intensify the symptoms but may also be fatal.

Some of the common symptoms include labored or difficulty breathing, constipation, nausea with or without vomiting, blurred vision, hallucination and disorientations. In addition, the individual would have reduced sexual drive or libido, depression, extreme agitation, difficulty urinating, seizures, tremors as well as pinpoint pupils.

Underlining the seriousness of the addiction is the fact that it will result in reduced heart rate which therefore results in low blood pressure. In addition, the respiratory rate would be adversely affected with the individual experiencing labored or slow breath.

There are allergic reactions that may point at codeine addiction including hives, wheezing and skin rash as well as itching. The individual may also swell in the face, lips, or tongue. As you may note, some of these symptoms are quite serious and actually border on fatal. They are actually worse when an individual has overdosed on codeine as this could lead to death. It is important that the individual seeks the attention of qualified medical practitioner 1-800-303-2482 so that he or she can be guided on the most appropriate way of stopping the drug addiction.

There are various forms of advanced treatment for codine addiction. As much as the individual is at liberty to choose whether to go for an outpatient or inpatient program in rehabilitation centers, you will acknowledge that the inpatient program is much more effective. In any case, not only will the withdrawal symptoms be handled better but also the controlled environment is much more likely to improve the resolve of the individual to kick the habit away.

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